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Hydraulic Units
LHU series

up to 800 bar



Hydraulic Units

Pioneering, modular, brilliant

GEDORE Hydraulic Units give your torque wrenches the power for every bolting application.

The fast pumps with 2 and 3-stages technology produce up to 800 bar output. State-of-the-art under-oil drive motors ensure a high pump output at maximum pressure.

They have a novel cooling air supply (patent-filed) included for optimal cooling of the unit even under extreme loads.

There are three various Controls available for the Hydraulic Units: Manual Control (LHU-M), Automatic Control (LHU-A) and Modular Control - Solution (LHU-S)

The LHU Solution series is the High End model in modern hydraulic unit technology. In addition to the basic bolting methods (manual, automatic, torque-rotation angle), the control can be retrofitted according to your requirements with additional modules. The operator controls the entire bolting process per remote control.