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Cordless Torque Wrench
LDA/LAW series

90 - 6000 Nm



Cordless Torque Wrench

Innovative, portable, reliable

The new generation of the proven LDA high-level cordless torque wrench also adapts flexibly and quickly to a wide variety of bolting cases.

Equipped with a double patented torque control and lithium-ion battery technology, it works powerfully and continuously.
The LDA is equipped with extremely low-maintenance brushless technology. The safety system and the microprocessor controlled switch-off electronics, paired with the proven high-performance gearbox, make it a real highlight in your machine park.

The automatic switch-off of the device when torque is reached and the automatic release function enable you to move quickly from bolt to bolt.

Each cordless torque wrench is equipped with an individual factory calibration certificate.


Cordless Torque Wrench
GDA series

60 - 200 Nm*


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New Cordless Torque Wrench GDA

Ready for Use in Assembly, Production and Manufacturing

With the new GDA we present our smallest cordless torque wrench
for use in assembly, production and manufacturing.

The GDA is the solution for small bolting cases in a wide range of applications. Thanks to its low weight, ergonomic design and size, it is perfect for all assembly work in the low torque range. Small, compact and battery operated, it can be used wherever torque accurate bolting is required.

The heart of the cordless torque wrench is the switch-off electronics with
microprocessor control. This allows the tightening torque for each bolting
operation to be precisely maintained and ensures stable torque accuracy
over the entire discharging cycle of the battery.

With a repeatabilitiy of +/- 3%, the torque is steplessly adjustable and the status of the bolted connection is visualised via the LED status signal.
This is quality made in Germany.

*Special calibration up to 300 Nm