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Pneumatic Torque Wrench
LPK/LPK-X series

80 - 12.800 Nm



Pneumatic Torque Wrench

Rugged, lightweight, perfect

The Pneumatic Torque Wrench is an additional alternative in heavy-duty torque bolting technology.

In conjunction with the GEDORE air control unit, this torque wrench produces continously high performance and precision in bolting applications.


X-Series for higher speed

The LPK-X range has a 2-speed planetary gear system. This means that the operator is able to select either a rapid or a torque speed. The rapid speed tightens the bolt until the joining moment at a speed of up to 300 rpm. After this, the user can easily switch over into the torque speed, which tightens the screw at the exact torque.

Product supplied with individual GEDORE factory calibration certificate.