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Electric Torque Wrench
LDE/LEW series

90 - 13.000 Nm



Electric Torque Wrench

Proven and innovative

The new series of electric torque wrenches includes a digital display with visual and audible user interface.

It has an even more rugged high-power gear unit. Precision torque control, repetitive accuracy and long life are just some of its strengths. With correct handling and care, a life of 20 years is not uncommon for a GEDORE Electric Torque Wrench.

Every Electric Torque Wrench is supplied with an individual factory calibration certificate.


Our Electric Torque Wrench -

in steel contruction - and crane contruction design available too

Light and robust

tl_files/loesomat/img/produkte/hochmoment_elektroschrauber/LEW-16ST.jpg                             tl_files/loesomat/img/produkte/hochmoment_elektroschrauber/LEW-95L.jpg

Steel construction wrench type LDE-/LEW-ST



Crane construction wrench type LEW-L